Saturday, 21 April 2012

Alchemy 2 Exhibition & The Pigeon Hole Project

The Pigeon Hole Project 

Visitors came small to larger and those that could see on the top row! (That's my friend Jenny she is quite tall)
Slack Space have this block of pigeon holes, they are a left over from the building former use as a bank. What a brilliant idea to fill them with art. Forty or so artists responded, there's so much talent all enclosed in little boxes.

My pigeon hole contains ??? well if you can guess what is in my pigeon hole, its one of the nine complete ones you can see in the picture above, then there is a little prize for the first correct entry, just leave a note on the comments below. I'll announce the winner two weeks from today. I plan to change the contents as we have the space for several weeks, maybe  as long as six months.

Alchemy 2 Exhibition

 There were a lot of visitors, these are taking a break at the food & drink station. 

Look how interested all the visitors are in the art. Wow they are really giving the exhibits a close look. It was a very high quality exhibition. Wonderful boxes, art installations, an Earth Day Project oh so much to look at and admire. It was so good to meet other artists that suffer from the same hoarding of JUNK as me. I feel quite normal now. You will have to come along to see the art as I don't take images of other artists work.

My mannequins, they look really impressive against the white wall, I also have a decorated box in the exhibition.

Here's the lovely Ellen Devall, she's such a talented artist. Her exhibit was simply breathtaking and must have taken her hours to complete. You can catch her at Cuckoo Farm Studios where she has a unit.

Wonderful evening and many thanks to all at Slack Space, especially Paula MacGregor for all their hard work and encouragement. Oh and thank you friend Jenny for coming along to yet another of my arty exhibits.


  1. CAN'T wait to see this Tomorrow - Looks Amazing !!!!

  2. Thank you Joan for your so very kind comments.....the photo makes me laugh....we have such questioning looks on our faces LOL.
    I am back online and am praying to stay there!


Your comments are all read and appreciated. Hope you will forgive me if I miss commenting on your comment, I will be busy doing art :-) x Joan