Friday, 6 May 2011

Contemporary Art Girls come to visit

Well it was a coldish day but cheered up when cherry and Linda came to visit. we had a great day. talking art, men, life and looking at my garden.

Heres some pictures. Cheery Cherry.

Lovely Linda

And as they really are!!

That was fun playing with you in Corel Paint Shop Pro girls ;-))


  1. Delightful to spend the Day with you - Clever photos x

  2. Thanks Joan for a lovely day yesterday,I went home feeling happy and less stressed after our girlie get together. Its amazing how much better you feel when you go into some one else's world of emotions and talents.I feel so privilidged to know you, hopefully now as a friend xxxxxxx

  3. Course you are my friend its a privilege to know you!!! I too had a good time and enjoyed our chat. Hope we can get over to yours soon. xx's J

  4. Ya and we missed you too!! Next time .............


Your comments are all read and appreciated. Hope you will forgive me if I miss commenting on your comment, I will be busy doing art :-) x Joan