Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What's Love got to do with it?

Another piece I am working on 24x24 on hardboard.

!st stage is to prime with Gerstacker primer, its a new one and I find it very good and very waterproof. Then a layer of polyfiller, with stamps and various media attached. I had no idea what was going on with this work, so just went with it.

Next leave to dry. Then more primer. then make sure all is stuck don and leave to dry.

Board has warped a bit but it flexes without breaking the top materials so its ok to continue. Framer is going to have fun with this one.

Now I am throwing some paint at it and cooking this with the heat gun. Set off the house fire alarms twice, so exited to the garden!!!! Colours used, Pthalo turquoise, some very vivid cheap (the works) yellow, copper and gold. Looking good so far. Now I want to lighten the background with some white. Then it will get some bitumen which will change the colours. After this I will overpaint more acrylics.


  1. I just love the turquoise it has always been my favourite colour. It looks good with the yellow, copper and gold.........x

  2. Hey Linda everyone seems to love this colour turquoise!! it must have a feel good factor to it of some sort.


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