Friday, 23 July 2010

ARRRGH appliance revolt!!

OMG its a hard time for my wallet. My electric items have gone on strike. I need a fridge freezer, washing machine, and a TV. They are all on their last legs.

Then I go and try to be efficient and catch up on my washing, having just had a bath I grab al the dirty pile and shove in machine. Soon I hear a nasty knocking noise. What can that be, doh its my mobile phone. In my jeans pocket. So then the saga of getting a new phone.

Ages on to O2 who send details to you've guessed it to my very wet and broken mobile. Doh again. Then I get thick operator from hell when I phone up. She manages to put in my address and email incorrectly. So then I have to phone up again to select my new phone as mine is no longer made. Lucky for me or I would have had no phone delivery as that is when I find out my address is wrong!! Then the email does not come to tell me when the company is delivering the phone so I have to sit in all day. Then the driver can't find me. Does this sound familiar? Another soap opera by me.

But he's a decent guy and the dog likes him. Now I just have to learn to use this new phone AND worse reprogramme all my numbers. I think I am slimming down my list of contacts. At least I got the same number so I can store numbers when folks call. Well if they don't call then perhaps I don't need their number. ;-)

this has worn me out I think an afternoon nap is called for.

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