Monday, 25 August 2014

New Mixed Media Assemblage - Every Home Should Have One

I'm a bit of a hoarder, some of my friends are very exasperated by this, others love me for it!

So clue one I have a lot of odd stuff laying carefully put away in boxes, plastic storage drawers and old sweet jars.

Clue two I went to the auction and there, unwanted, was this large tray, bit like a printers tray but its not.

Clue three I've been following another assemblage artist Rebeca Trevino for a while. I love her work and we are blogger friends. This is a big homage to her style of work!

My head puts one, two and three together and out comes my latest work.

"Every Home Should Have One"

Its 24 x 15 inches, has over 140 items, vintage papers for the backing and has not even made a dent in the hoard. I hope you enjoy looking for all the little things. Perhaps you have some of them in your kitchen drawer?

The items date from the 1890's to the present day, all have been collected by me or given by friends. All have memories and attachments in my life. 

Here's what it looked like with out the items.
  I hope you can see that I have had to use blanks for the Y & H, time to get out and find some more Scrabble games. No More Nails has been used to stick all the big items.

This was such fun to make. Hopefully something will inspire me to get going on another one soon.


  1. what fun this must have been to make.
    you just know i would love this. it's right up my alley.
    every little piece has it's own story to tell
    i just love it.

    1. Hi rebec a thank you! This work owes you a whole lot xxx

  2. What a brilliant idea! Love it. x

  3. Great idea, but i would need more than one of those for all my bits and pieces as like you Joan i am also a hoarder........xx

  4. This is fantastic! I thought some of the items were quite big at first until I spotted the pen and the curtain hook and it put everything into perspective. There are some really teeny little objects in there. Such an interesting piece and very original :)

  5. These are wonderful Joan, they remind me of Victorian curiosity cabinets.. I love them.x

    1. Yes I am fascinated by The Victorians I did a smaller on for a Slack Space Exhibit here


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