Sunday, 11 May 2014

Shabby Chic Wannabees

Strength and wellness is returning so I could wait no longer and Molly and I headed out to the auctions.

Shop mannequin covered with hymn book pages, then paper napkins. This is on a nice pine stand and is a large child size. These are my favourtie to work on as they do not have all the nasty curves, which are so hard to decoupage!

Some of the vintage images from sheet music.

Back view, now with added large roses. So that's three lots of glue sticking pages, napkins and clippings.

Front view with more large roses. Now I have also done 3 coats of PVA. One coat of craquelure varnish. So that's seven processes. Just top coat of craquelure and waxing to go on the body and waxing then polish on the stand and thistle top. Drying time is slow as its damp and chilly here.

 Star of the show a Victorian credenza, chiffonier or sideboard. This one has been ebonized, which is pine painted or stained to look like ebony. Flash is making it look a lot lighter than it is.

Just look at the fab handles and decorative diamond carving. Swag fluted edges everywhere.

 More fab carving. I'm saying fab a lot here I love this piece!

Barley twist leg side or hall table. Again nice decorative edge on the top which is crying out for a bit of gold leaf highlight.

Stack of chairs, all solid oak with padded drop in seats so I can have some fun with fabrics too.

Dinky bedside cupboard in chunky pine with big fat bun feet.

Spice rack drawers again in pine. Another favourite.

Mirror one original beveled glass mirror with a palin edging.

Mirror two again original beveled glass with pie crust edge moulded frame.

 Third Mirror I think this one is carved, this is a rectangular one. Very, very heavy so must be wood frame again original beveled glass mirror. Tiny bit of repairs needed to each but they will look absolutely fab when painted.

The best chairs, these have sprung seats which have been newly renovated, but the covers are yuck. 

These have it all beautiful carving, inset turning on the back and turned legs.

So lots to be playing with and I am out of paint so waiting on a delivery.

For my lovely friend Cherry more china.

For my lovely friend Linda some rusty loveliness. Can you see the bee? Sadly it did not survive hibernating.

Oh and I forgot I finished the Rose Commode,  I did a mid-week update, here.

Hope everyone is happy, well and making lots of craft and art.

Now over we go to Handmade Monday see you there.


  1. I love what you've done to the mannequin. It's looks amazing.
    Ali xx

  2. I love what you've done with the mannequin, its fascinating to hear about your processes and how the whole thing comes together, you are so creative!

    It will be lovely to see what you do with your new findings :)

  3. Wow what a stash you've got yourself! Really looking forward to seeing what you do with them all!!

  4. You've made a lovely job of the mannequin. You've put so much work in it.

  5. Loving all your finds - and especially my china XX what a Great Friend you are X

  6. Someone is going to be busy!! Love the mannequin, BTW. Thanks for visiting me for HM today. Re my card, I think the vintage look might look better with the softness of water colour, rather than markers. Not sure though. Have a good week, Chris x

  7. The mannequin looks fantastic. I'm going to have a go at decoupage for the first time this week.....I very much doubt it will be anywhere near the standard of your lovely work x

  8. omg that is a massive haul, but some amazing pieces, i bet you are looking forward to gettiing to work on those. A decoupaged mannequin, wow, what a work of art!

  9. Such beautiful carvings on the furniture :)

    Jan x

  10. You've certainly got enough things to keep you busy for a good while. I love what you've done with the mannequin.

  11. I love mannequins to show off newly made clothes. Yours likes fantastic. You do have a massive haul, can't wait to see the transformations :)

  12. Beautiful furniture! Plenty to keep you busy x

  13. You are amazing Joan!!! Love all your finds especially the cherub plate My heart sinks to think what Cherry will do with it. . Lovely to see you the other day.. Glad you are back on track with your wonderful craft work ....xx


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