Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Easter!!!

So happy to report that I have been in hospital, had my operation and it was a complete success. Not only that I was very lucky in that there was no cancer, it was a cyst, blocking my sphenoid sinus. The operation was a lot less invasive, only one night in hospital due to anesthetic overload. Op on Thursday, 17th, Home 18th, Family day at my friends and overnight there. Several weedy days at home. Nearly back to normal today 21st.

Today I have managed to get back to the Annie Sloan painting of my furniture.

Lots of WIP's three stack of coffee tables, commode, two garden chairs, dressing table stool and some picture frames. + Two secret items that can not be shown yet.

One finished magazine rack, distressed and decoupaged using???

This also has some crackleure glaze. My first attempt using Annie Sloan stuff. I guess you can see I liked the effect as I've painted loads of items ready to go onto waxing. The wax really transforms the paint finish.

Did you guess I used flowers from Ikea paper napkins. 

Thank you so much to all my friends who have helped me out with dog duties, nursing me, sending flowers , FB messages and cards or telephoning. You all have made such a real difference in my life. I now know how ill I felt, coming round from the anesthetic and feeling NO Dizziness, Headache or Brain and Eye Pressure was just like a miracle. 

Thank you God!


  1. I'm glad you're recovering well, I love your magazine rack, I'd never have guessed the roses came from napkins.

  2. I'm sorry Joan,but i didn't know you about your op. Glad all went well and you are now on the mend. Love another visit with Cherry when you feel like it, just to give you a hug and thank god if that's OK. Thanks for you kind message on my last post. Oh nearly forgot love your new creative work ........xx

  3. It's good to hear that you're doing better! Be sure to take your time to recover. Meanwhile, after seeing your "workshop" pic, I came across THIS:

    Looks easy enough... I'd give it a go myself, but just haven't the "workspace" to do it!

  4. I expect you have a spring in your step... Fantastic... Good to see you back, and creative.. Are these pieces for your newly decorated lounge? Looking good my wonderful

  5. love that folky magazine rack - very stylish :)
    great news about the op - now you are on the path to recovery. hope it all goes ok for you. health first!

  6. So glad you're feeling better Joan! Love your painting too xxx


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