Friday, 8 June 2012

Vintage Kitchen Goodies

 It cooking time here on my Etsy Shop nice and cheap too.
Have a look ETSY here

  For cooking in

Beating and stirring thingys, honey twizzle stick, waffle iron.

Oh this could be a beater too! Remember Mrs Andy Capp, she had one of these and used it I think.

Mackintosh's Quality Street tin to keep the tarts in.


This has been keeping my feet toasty warm. Filled with hot water, put on floor and feet up on top. Ah Just right. I'm not selling this!!!!

Went to view an auction today, some nice garden things outside and bits of furniture inside. Will be running back and forth like a headless chicken, fueled by a big fat bacon butty.

Welcome to my two new members, hope you enjoy being here. 


  1. Ooooh, exciting. I'm watching to see what you find next. I've started using the inks on my sketchbook project. I will post some images to my blog soon. x

    1. More stuff picked up today at auction. Sold some before it got into the car:-)

      Looking forward to the sketch book. My friends are turning out to be my best customers!!!


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