Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Old Bench Current Obsession

Yesterday Molly and I went on our walk and I remembered to take the camera. Here's a selection of the pictures.

The very interesting flaky and rusty bench.

A hole in the bench allows you to see the grass, just like a tiny window to another world.

I am getting the hang of the new camera. I may have stopped pining for my old one!!!

Molly and the Bench

Close up of Molly

The first saxifrage flower.

A wonderful beech tree, it was once pollarded, but has now been allowed to grow. Its about 70 foot high.

I've just finished reading "That's the Way I See It" by David Hockney. This is worth a read, it's an early book and contains a lot of his thought processes on art. I got a lot out of this book. I hope his ideas may creep into my art. 


  1. The beauty to be found in the aged and crumbling is breathtaking if you just look closely, and this applies to people too.( I know this as I am a nurse) Your dog looks an absolute sweetie too

    1. Yes so true, Molly is a sweetie she's also a Pat dog at a seniors coffee morning. They all love her.

    2. Love them, love them, love them.. xxx


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