Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sinking under a whole lot of China!!!

Well its very busy here. I have been invaded by a Man's Wardrobe full of 1980's Vintage Apparel.

Here's a selection of the china, lovely tea sets, Christmas Dinner Services and just over the top things.

You can see loads more here

Busy packing parcels and then off to see my Granddaughter. Have a happy Sunday.


  1. Lovely suits. You just need a man to fill them....See you on Wednesday.......xx

  2. Hi Joan, hope your sales are doing well, see you Wednesday. We could go an see inside the new building?

  3. love the labels in the jackets - and the long stemmed jug !

  4. Yup see you all Wednesday. Good idea Julie we could have our coffee there. Hey Linda NO No and No to the men.... well until I fancy one that is. Lol

  5. Hi Joan

    Lovely to see you yesterday, and good to see the new Firstsite gallery. Hope you've recovered.

    Went into 15 Queen St. We need to talk. We will have to join to be able to use their rooms. Not too expensive, if we share the cost. They would love to have us there.

    Speak soon. x


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