Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Etsy Shop Open

Its been a super busy time for me. A big decision has been made and I am now up and running as a proper business. No more playing around and just dabbling about. Mad Bird Designs UK is up and trading, with a grown up bank account too!

First move was to learn about Etsy and open a shop. Here's the link so you can put me in your circle and send messages to all your arty friends to come and join the fun.


I am selling some of my art and best of all lots of supplies for Mixed Media Artists. Over the next few weeks I shall be fully stocking my shop with all those goodies you just really want :-

Old tins for assemblages, models and general geeky items.
Vintage Sheet Music
Vintage paper items, postcards, pictures from books, adverts and playing cards.
Vintage buttons
Old children's games, oddments like tiddlywinks, snakes and ladders and ludo boards and dominoes.
Watch parts for model making, steam punk and geeky things.

I shall be making up mixed packs of vintage paper. Items will date from as early as 1848 through to the 1960's. Lots of ideas for you to use these, such as decoupage, collage or you could scan the images and then use them multiple times. You can print on the pages that just have writing on, use die cutters to make hearts, backing papers for cards oh so much you can do.

This is my new logo

 Look out he's watching YOU

Its a cute MAD BIRD!!! You can see he's made with watch parts, shells and beads. Then he is mounted onto a page from a vintage French songbook. The song is about Canards, Ducks to us English speakers. So it gives you an idea what you can do with the items I am selling.

I also sell on ebay here's a link to one of my items, some watch parts, you can then mark me as a favourite seller. You then get emails when I list new items. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130545512766&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

At the moment I've got a lot of vintage books, watch parts and some 1950/60 furniture on offer. Been busy going round the auctions to buy some great items for you all!!!!

I sure hope you will all come visit my Etsy shop and Ebay, there's no charge for browsing. Let me know what you think of my shops as its good to get some reaction from potential customers. Main things I need feedback on are the pictures good enough and does the description give you all the information you need to buy?

See you soon bye bye from Mad Bird xxx


  1. I love your Mad Bird logo! I've added you to my Etsy favourites and circle. Good luck with your new business. x

  2. Hey Andrea thanks I really appreciate that. My friend in the USA Diana Quinn has added you to her circle too. xx's Joan


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