Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wednesday Contemporary Art Group September

Today did not get off to a good start, we got very damp out walking. So first thing I do when I get back is grab Molly's towel and give her a rub down. My nose then tells me she's rolled in FOX dodo. Oh no it's all over the towel now!!! Arrgh and I've got to go to art group. Into the bath for her.

Get to art group and am directed up the hill to the other premises, wrong its at the other place down the hill. Back I go along with the others who have also been sent to the wrong place. Never mind, we get tea and coffee made for us.

Cherry has taken so much trouble to bring in her lap top and has a picture show for us of the Shiny Shed in Chelmsford. She#s made some great ornaments to hang on her twig there. Also she's made some great little books AND I've swapped one of my pictures for a book!! I'm so pleased with it.

Friend Fi gave me loads of drawings on bags so I've put one onto part of one of my pictures and then machine embroidered over it. Added some ribbon and words. Really enjoyed making these.


  1. Wow love the Rabbit page !! really finishes the book off - love my swop its on the wall already x

  2. Sorry that I missed last weeks metting,looks as if you had a great time.


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