Saturday, 21 September 2013

Fab Cycling Course - Week 3

It was all hands to the sewing machines this week. I think i have them hooked on Free Motion Sewing!!!!

 Look all sewing away like mad. Ann furthest from the camera is on a modern Janome.

 Brother machine bargain on Ebay £50, being used by Jean. It was cheap as the seller had lost the tools and other feet. Works fine.

Mel smiling as she is on my New Home My Style model 826 - 20 years old and going strong. It's a fab machine 98 stitches including one alphabet. Its worked like a Trojan all its life, well worth the £500 price tag when new.

It's quite a challenge remembering all the working of the different machines. Threading and tension is all different, but its really done all my ladies good to work on a different machine each week. I've sent them home with some homework this week!

Cherry Ann Hall working on her mosaic he's called "Tom". This is happening in the Hub at Chelmsford High Chelmer shopping centre. Same place I am teaching. We are having a really fab time with lots of art going on.

Last week next time.

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  1. Glad all is going well for you and Cherry at the hub. Looks like a lot of creative work is being made......xx


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